Maloka, an indigenous word for communal house, was created in Amsterdam during a crochet meetup, where Sofía and Ana got inspired by the sense of community and the desire to support other artisanal women in Latin America. 

Maloka offers products handcrafted by communities in Colombia and Peru. Our dream is to bring inspiring stories and ideas from all over Latin America to your home as well as to promote social responsibility, where ethics and fair trade are our main goals...that’s conscious living.

In Maloka, we would like to support all artisans from Latin America, especially women, by promoting their traditional techniques and skills through home decor products. This way, women can achieve financial independence and access to psychological support through NGO’s.

Our first contact has been made with Casa de la Mujer, a Colombian feminist organization that promotes, protects and defends women’s human rights, and we look forward to making more connections.

Maloka, home to the community.

Behind Maloka

Sofía was born in Colombia, has lived in different countries in America and Europe and has always worked in projects related to art, culture, design and social diversity. She is a designer, a crafter and a globetrotter, and above all she is committed to social responsibility. She’s been living in Amsterdam since 2014. As part of Maloka's project, Sofía has started giving crochet workshops to women that are part of Casa de la Mujer, in Bogotá. The aim of the workshops is to give them tools that empower them, such as financial independence, therapeutic healing and socialisation.




Ana was born in Peru and has lived abroad for the last 11 years, in England and the Netherlands. She is a teacher/translator, a crafter and a dreamer. She is also a firm believer of women’s rights and equality, and immigrant integration. In 2015, Ana was inspired by her grandmother and started to crochet again after a very long time. While she was crocheting at home, she decided she wanted to share this craft with other people, honour her grandmother’s memory and provide other immigrant women a space to socialise and relax.




During the crochet lessons, Sofía and Ana met and they not only shared good times and the joy of crafting, but they also shared their common ground: Latin American culture. After the lessons stopped, they got in touch again and decided to keep the crochet group going as a social activity rather than a lesson. So, on November 4th, 2016, they met up to crochet along with fellow crocheter, Marie. While they were having lunch at Hutspot, they both expressed their desire to do something creative and connected to their roots. This is how they realised they both had a similar idea and decided to join forces. They also felt that they found the right partner in crime to start this amazing adventure.
Now Maloka is not a dream anymore, but a sweet reality!