Cantey Nomiba

Dishmat Medium - Handwoven

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Enjoy the colours of Colombia. Decorative and vibrantly colourful, these handwoven dishmats will make your dinner look even yummier. Home decor products directly from Colombia.

These handwoven dishmats are made in Inírida, Guainía, by indigenous women from the Curripaco, Cubeo and Puinare communities. The dishmats are handcrafted with the fiber obtained from the palms of Chiquichiqui or Maramá(Leopoldinia piassaba). The indigenous artisans use the techniques of rolling and fabric spiraling, a skill passed on from generation to generation. Although basketry was originally a male activity, the demand has motivated more female participation.

Support the communities, support women!

Size: Diameter 19 cm

Colour: Multicolour

Material:  Maramá Palm