Wayuu Dreamcatcher - Handmade

Wayuu Dreamcatcher - Handmade

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These stunning handmade dream catchers are here to make your dreams come true! Manik, a Colombian brand, has designed these beautiful dream catchers to reflect the strength of love and the wisdom of the nature known by the Wayuu indigenous people, who live in La Guajira, Colombia. The designs are inspired by elements of the landscape, such as flowers, tree branches and paths traveled during the day. Manik believes in connecting with nature and honoring their roots and knowledge of their ancestors. It also supports the Colombian women artisans, who learned this craft since their childhood and have been passing it on for years and years. Now, Maloka brings these dream catchers to Amsterdam. Make a wish!

Size: Diameter 33 cm x Length 95 cm

Colour: Blue/Green

Material: Cotton


Colors and designs can vary since each dreamcatcher is unique

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